Fender Avalon Tenor Ukulele

SKU:  ae00-3173
Manufacturer Part #:  0970450506

The Fender Avalon tenor ukulele gives the player a deeper tonal register than a concert or soprano body size, while still maintaining the portability to travel. The Avalon’s all-basswood construction and slim "C"-shaped neck profile, provide the superior tone and playability that is a hallmark of Fender ukuleles.

  • Tenor-sized ukulele
  • No-tie bridge
  • 4-in-line Strat® headstock

Fender Avalon Tenor Ukulele, Walnut Fingerboard, Black

Model: 0970450506
Manufacturer: Fender

Fender Avalon Tenor Ukulele

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SKU:  ae00-3173^0970450506
Manufacturer Part #:  0970450506
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