Yamaha EMX7

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Manufacturer Part #:  EMX7

EMX powered mixers are designed specifically for musicians, performers, or public speakers who put a premium on sound quality and convenient operation, and are ready to take their sound reinforcement to the next level. Despite their compact construction, only speakers and a microphone are required to configure a fully functioning, extremely portable, and reliable sound system with all the tools you need to mix, process, and deliver your audio just the way you want, anywhere you want.

  • 2 x 710W @ 4 ohms, 2 x 500W @ 8 ohms
  • 12 Channels (8 XLR)
  • Built In Effects

Yamaha EMX7 Powered Mixer

Model: EMX7
Manufacturer: Yamaha

Yamaha EMX7

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SKU:  ae00-1230^EMX7
Manufacturer Part #:  EMX7
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