Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal


Reverb is an essential element in nearly any rig. Whether you’re adding dimension to your sound or drenching your signal in sparkling reflections, our Marine Layer Reverb can do it all. Multiple reverb types, including classics like Hall and Room along with modern marvels like Shimmer, make this an indispensable pedal in your signal chain. The reverb tails continue when the effect is muted, ensuring a smooth and natural decay.

  • Crafted from lightweight, durable anodized aluminum
  • Amp Jewel LED gives your pedalboard the classic Fender look
  • LED-backlit knobs show your control settings on a dark stage
  • Magnetically latched 9V battery door

Model: 0234532000
Manufacturer: Fender
Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal
Price: $169.99

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