Remo Powerstroke P4 Coated Drum Head, 14"


The Remo P4-0114-BP Powerstroke® P4 Coated drumheads feature controlled sustain and focused low-end tones with increased durability. Snare and Tom drumheads are constructed with 2-plies of 7-mil Coated film with a 3-mil inlay ring, and Bass drumheads are constructed with a 7.5-mil inlay ring. Powerstroke® P4 Coated drumheads provide focused midrange tones making them the warmest-sounding of Remo's 2-ply drumheads with controlled sustain and attack.

Model: P4-0114-BP
Manufacturer: Remo
Remo Powerstroke P4 Coated Drum Head, 14"
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