Fender Deluxe Instrument Cable, Tweed, 10'

SKU:  ae00-1618
Manufacturer Part #:  0990820092

Fender Deluxe Series cables carry the highest quality materials and braided shielding to deliver flagship durability, conductance and transparency. Our top-of-the-line cables sport custom molded ends with strain relief under the housing—plus 24K gold-plated connectors that won’t tarnish or degrade your sound over time. These cables use a very quiet braided shielding that is engineered to maximize the purity of your tone, and they’re protected by a soft-woven yet rugged tweed jacket that provides ultimate protection with classic Fender style.

Model: 0990820092
Manufacturer: Fender

Fender Deluxe Instrument Cable, Tweed, 10'

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SKU:  ae00-1618^0990820092
Manufacturer Part #:  0990820092
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